Sunday, 22 November 2009

Dog starved to death in Barnstaple - again

One day i aim to write something nice, but today it's not. As some people know, i volunteer for the North Devon Animal Ambulance. Last week when we went in to do our usual Sunday shift, there was a little spaniel, named Sally, who was a dog skeleton with skin. She was a quarter of her normal body weight and the state of her when she was picked up loose in Fremington was such that she had certainly been shut in somewhere and was soaked and matted with her own urine. Sadly last night we learned that her internal organs had been damaged so much she could not recover. She was put down on Wednesday in Diana's arms, wagging her tail with her ball. The person responsible will never be caught. Serial killers often start with animals, so people who are capable of this type of intentional cruelty when caught should be locked up indefinitely or gassed because they are of no good use to society.

Friday, 6 November 2009

'Fireworks' - fun for kids? or weapon of mass irritation, terror and destruction?

What kind of fucked up country do we live in? No. 573

Yet again, for the XX thousandth time, some vile, uneducated, thugs are responsible for the death of an innocent woman after pushing a firework through her letterbox in a bid to terrorize her already bullied and no doubt miserable son. The poor kid has now had his house burnt down and lost his mother, and the fucking bastards who did this will get a slap on the wrist.

Fireworks are freely available to anyone with cash, and sadly it appears to be the less intelligent amongst us who mainly purchase them.

They are let off for weeks around Halloween and Nov. 5th, pissing off nearby residents and scaring the shit out of any animals and pets within hearing distance. Injuries are incurred - again by the stupid contingent - and animals are abused, and what are the benefits? Some pretty lights and a bang for a second or two.

What is the saying? 'Simple things please simple minds'?

There are many people who feel that Fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public and i am totally behind that.

If anyone has any tips on setting up a campaign, give me a shout.