Wednesday, 14 October 2009

And the winner of the Miss Homeless competition is....

WTF??? Grazia is running a non-story on their website about the latest 'inspiration' for designer gear...the homeless and their 'style'. I know 'Fashion' can be a complete load of arse most of the time, but this takes some beating. Following the dead guy in a dump truck post i don't want to encourage this theme paticularly, but things have really taken a turn for the totally fucking deranged when quotes turn up in fashion mags such as:

"'The people with the best style for me are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, I'm like, "Oh my God, they're pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled shit out of like garbage cans."' (Erin Wasson).

Mentioned in the same article, apparently there is Belgian's Miss Homeless competition: "Belgian Miss Homeless Contest where the winner gets a rent-free flat for a year (the runners up go back onto the streets…"

What will be the next round of inspiration for Winter 2011 i wonder? We've had Heroin Chic i guess... Beaten wives from Torquay?, Abused elderly people from Norwich?, Mentally disabled teenagers from Swindon?

Jesus, what is the world coming to? I must have missed Christmas and it must be April 1st already!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Roasted Pineapple!!

Dan made Roasted Pineapple for dinner last night. I have never heard of this phenomenon before, but he cut it all out, stuck vanilla pods in the holes, made a caramel sauce with ginger and vanilla and roasted it for an hour. It was fantastic - although it would be even more amazing with some clotted cream. I'll post a photo later.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Crushed dead homeless man

I just read on MSN about a poor homeless guy who got crushed to death by a dustbin lorry. The verdict was accidental death but surely the binmen have responsibility to check the bin before the lorry picks it up?? They don't have to root around in it - simply opening the lid would determine if there was someone asleep in it - and homeless people do sleep in bins. i think it's disgrace that this ever happened.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

New Here

Hello, i have no idea what to do but will try my best to get the hang of it quickly....