Sunday, 20 December 2009


More good news from the NDAA today!
A cat had been trapped between 2 walls in town next to the Liberal Club for almost 2 weeks, living on rotten dead pigeons and standing on stones to avoid being drowned by all the rain we've had. People had heard it calling, but not bothered to do much about it, apart from one man called JUSTIN who made the effort to find out where the cat meows were coming from for so long.

He managed to get it out and it was virtually starved and hypothermic , it was brought into the care unit and has been there this week getting well. Today, a family turned up with a photo of their cat who had been missing since October and it was their Max!! Hurray!

Animals do sometimes turn up after being missing for ages, but it takes humans to bother to check small spaces and react when they hear animals calling out in odd circumstances.

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